TruClose® Regular Hinge

TruClose® Regular Hinge

Self-closing hinges for child & other safety gates

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    TruClose® 'Series 3'
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World's most trusted safety gate hinges

  • Self-close metal gates up to 30kg
  • Won't rust, bind, sag or stain
  • Adjust closing tension with a screwdriver
  • Stainless steel closing springs
  • Gloss Black leaf covers (no visible fasteners)
  • Lifetime Warranty (limited)


TruClose® TCA1S3 is a regular range model that was specifically designed to comply with the strict approval standards associated with child safety around swimming pools and children's playgrounds.

The TCA1S3 model is the most common choice of thousands of swimming pool gates all over the world. They are designed to fit onto aluminium style pool fencing that is popular throughout Australia and New Zealand. 

The TCA2S3 models have a wider leaf on both sides to accomodate fixing wood gates to a metal post.

The TCA3S3 models have wide leafs on both sides for added strength for wood gates to wood posts.

TruClose hinges give you reliable self-closing action, along with dual-end adjustability for closing speed and gate weight. The new TruClose 'Series 3' gate hinges feature improved strength and advanced D&D-patented tension adjustment. The top-selling TruClose gate hinges have been the most reliable self-closing hinges on the market. TruClose Series 3 also offers a unique, custom approach to gate hardware with optional decorative trim covers (Black, Brushed or Chrome), giving customers the opportunity to match gate and lighting fixtures with gate hardware. The clever clip-on decorative trim covers, means no visible fasteners.